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100% Aligned with Common Core Standards
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Dear Teacher,What Teachers are Saying3

As wonderful as it is to add new and exciting units to your teaching repertoire, let’s be honest, prep work takes time…a lot of time.

A worksheet, assignment, or quiz that takes your students 15 minutes to complete in class, can take you an hour or more to create at home.

That is time better spent with family and friends…or alone with a good book and a glass of wine for that matter.

The internet can help, sometimes, but often there are almost too many search results.  Searching for lessons, and sorting the good from the bad can take as long as making everything from scratch in the first place.  And you still probably won’t end up with a cohesive, structured unit plan.

English Unit Plans can help.

My name is Susan Anderson and I have been an English teacher for more than 10 years.

In the past few years, I have helped more than 10,000 busy teachers deliver top-quality curricula while enjoying more free time and less stress.

I’ll tell you more about me in a minute, but this is really about you, so let’s start there.

You are a busy teacher excited about teaching The Book Thief with your class.  Perhaps you have never taught it before, or maybe you are a young teacher needing a little help with planning.  Maybe you are an experienced teacher simply too busy to plan an entire unit at this particular time.  Regardless of your experience and circumstances, you are interested in providing your students with the best possible classroom experience as you explore this fun novel together.

Here is how my comprehensive Unit Plan for The Book Thief can help…

Unit Plan Features…

  • A Full Month of Lesson Plans – Four weeks worth of lessons and activities to guide you through every moment of teaching The Book Thief.
  • Dozens of Activities and Assignments – Your students will love the activities in this unit. They are fun and creative, and everything is based on Common Core State Standards.
  • Amazing Worksheets and Templates – These worksheets and templates are clean and professional, and will save you hours of tedious computer work.
  • Reading Comprehension Questions – A complete set of chapter questions with answer keys means you don’t have to spend hours creating your own version of this important unit plan staple.
  • Discussion Questions – You and your students will enjoy the lively debates that come from using these discussion questions. They are also excellent to use as writing prompts.
  • Vocabulary Lists and Activities – Your students will dramatically improve their vocabulary with these lists and exercises. Challenging vocabulary from every chapter are included.
  • Puzzles and Games – These great puzzles and games will keep your students engaged while reviewing The Book Thief. You get crossword puzzles, cryptograms, secret message puzzles, and more.
  • A Comprehensive Unit Test – Your final assessment piece will make sure your students read, understood, and thought about The Book Thief. Answer key included.
  • And Much More – You have to see this unit plan to believe it. With more than 70 pages of high-quality teaching resources, it provides incredible value.

My unit plan includes absolutely everything you will need to teach The Book Thief, so you can stop spending your evenings creating worksheets and searching for chapter questions, and start spending them doing things you truly enjoy.

And the best part is that you can get instant access to my Unit Plan for The Book Thief, try it, and then return it for a full refund if it isn’t everything you hoped it would be.

For roughly the price of lunch, you can have a one-month vacation from prep work.

“I love this book and I love the fantastic unit plan you assembled for it…and I had a great time using the thoughtful teaching resources included in your unit.  I am looking forward to using more of your plans in the future.  Thanks so much.”
William Outhwaite, Teacher


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Free Bonus #1
Survival Stories Package
The Survival Stories Package includes several true stories of adventure and survival. These stories and the accompanying questions are great for time-fillers or change of pace activities.  They are also a great way to include non-fiction in your English class.

  • True Survival Stories
  • Comprehension Questions
  • Discussion Questions
  • Paragraph Assignment
  • And Much More

$25 Value

Free Bonus #2
English Teaching Resources Pack
The Teaching Resources Pack includes dozens of activities and worksheets that you can use with any English class.

  • Poetry Activities
  • Worksheets
  • Literary Devices Activities
  • Essay Outline Templates
  • And Much More

$25 Value

Free Bonus #3
Unlimited Downloads and Updates
My Unit Plan for The Book Thief continues to grow and evolve and you will get instant access to every update.

  • Unlimited Updates
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • New Lessons and Activities
  • Evolving Curriculum
  • And Much More

$30 Value
“Thank you for the unit.  I was a little nervous ordering teaching resources online, but your unit truly surpassed any of my expectations.  My students got a lot out of this powerful book, and your plans made teaching it very easy and fun for me.  Thank you.”
Scott K., English and Socials Teacher

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The Book Thief Unit Plan

  • 75+ Pages of Teaching Resources – Enough material to keep your class busy and having fun for weeks!
  • A Full Month of Lesson Plans – Detailed lessons with step-by-step instructions and teachers notes.
  • Dozens of Activities and Assignments – Engaging activities tested and perfected in the classroom.
  • Great Worksheets and Handouts – Clean, professional worksheets that will delight your students.
  • Fun Puzzles and Games – Cyphers, crosswords, double-puzzles and more make review fun.
  • Quizzes and Tests with Answer Keys – Assessments are easy with these high-quality quizzes and tests.
  • And Much More – This unit is absolutely packed with teaching resources you will use for the rest of your career!

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This truly is a no-lose situation. You can download and try my Unit Plan for The Book Thief for up to 60 days with no obligation to keep it. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you will get an instant refund.

Your 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am a teacher too, so I know the value of good teaching resources. I want you to be 100% satisfied with your unit plan. If you are anything less than thrilled with the lessons and activities included in this unit, I will gladly issue a full refund.

No Questions. No Hassles. 100% Money Back.

I have promised to refund your money if you aren’t satisfied for any reason.

I have told you all about the free bonuses you will get if you order my Unit Plan for The Book Thief today.

And I have given you dozens of reasons to try my Unit Plan for The Book Thief.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here are a few of the hundreds of emails I have received from teachers who are thrilled with my unit plans.

Real Feedback…

“Thanks Susan.  I have passed on the word to many of my ELA teachers so that they can make use of such remarkable resources.

Again, thank you.”

Classie Wilson, Sam Jamison Middle School
“Dear Susan, I’m working with your fantastic lesson plans and I’m very happy with my purchase.

Thanks a lot for your great work.  It’s been extremely useful.”

“I had just had an easy, fun month of teaching, and I have you to thank. My class and I enjoyed your Macbeth unit immensely.”
Sue Gougeon
“I was nervous about teaching Shakespeare for the the first time, but your Macbeth unit made it really accessible and fun for me and the kids. Thank you.”
Irene G.
“Hi Susan, just want to quickly say that I really appreciate the work you have done.  I have used several of your units – most recently The Hobbit – and love your lessons and activities.  Thank you.”
Linda Greene
“I am always skeptical when buying things online, but your unit plan for The Hobbit turned out to be everything I had hoped it would be. Thank for this excellent collection of teaching resources.”
Monica Kerwin
“Hello Susan, I would like to quickly thank you for the great Crucible unit plan. I hadn’t taught the play before, and a few of the other English teachers I work with told me it was not a fun one to teach, but I truly had a great time with it while using your unit plan. It’s nice to know that I now have a great unit I can pull out whenever it’s time to teach The Crucible.”
Emily Garnet
“Dear Susan, I recently used your unit plan for The Crucible, and I have to say that it was practically a revelation. I have been teaching for two years now, and still I often find myself suffocating under the weight of prep work and marking. I haven’t had much of a social life lately, so it was really nice to at least take most of the prep work off my plate and have a little more free time in the evenings and on the weekend. Thank you for your help.”
Alicia Bachus
“You weren’t joking – I barely had to do any prep work for a month while we worked through The Giver. It’s a great novel, and your activities helped keep everything structured and moving along. I added a few of my own ideas, but mostly we just used the activities in your plan. Great stuff!”
Tamara Place
“I was getting swamped with marking and couldn’t face planning a whole new unit ontop of the work I already had, so I downloaded your unit for teaching The Giver to use with my English 9 class, and I’m so happy I did. You saved me a lot of time and stress. Thank you.”
Dan Rowatt
“I very much enjoyed teaching Divergent using your unit plan. The insight, critical thinking, and discussions we got from this novel and your activities were truly wonderful.”
Serena Valencia, Secondary English
“Your Hunger Games Unit Plan is definitely the best novel study I have ever used. It is clear, professional, thorough, and most importantly, fun for the students and the teacher. I will be sure to pass your website on to my friends and colleagues.”
Laurie Brault, Cypress Falls High School
“Hi Susan, I already purchased the Divergent plan. And on pay day will be purchasing the other two as well. You are a legend. Picking great new books to cover as well as some of the older texts. Basically covers everything I need.My students are doing literature circles this term and I have been using many of the activities from the pack of activities to use with any novel.. Next term we are doing film as text and looking at film elements as well. So I am using a lot of the activities you included in the hunger games unit as this is the film we have decided to work with as we think our students will get a lot out of this. Term three the outsiders and term four poetry so you see you have me all sorted out thanks so very much. And my year nine literature class are studying to kill a mockingbird this semester as well as poetry so you see how much you have saved me time wise.”
Getti Spence
“I just wanted to let you know how great your unit packages are! They have been very helpful to me, and the kids enjoy them! Where do you find the time to come up with so many interesting lessons? Anyhow, an early Merry Christmas to you!”
Bernice McAleer
“I just wanted to let you know that I have ordered many of your materials, and they are all AWESOME!!

As a special education teacher, we don’t always have curriculum in some areas, and see our students struggle out in core classes.

Your materials allow us to strengthen basic skills in a fun format, and they are able to apply it in their written work.

Now if you would work on some comprehension/ phonics and fluency units, my curriculum would REALLY rock!!”

Connie Wicks
“Thank you for sharing your unit plans. I am happy to pay a small fee for great lessons and resources I will use for years.”
Graeme Mitchell, Claremont Secondary School
“Dear Susan, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful units of work which I purchased recently. I am a teacher in a very remote and isolated school in Western NSW, and I am the only English teacher within a 200km radius – I teach via video conference to 8 other small schools.

We are in the heart of a wheat and sheep farming district and have extremely busy lifestyles, being a farmers wife and a teacher is a 24/7 job;the fact that i have 6 children of my own just makes life more exciting … but often it is very hectic 🙂

I have only been teaching for 5 years (even though I have just turned 50) after coming from a psychology/education background, and finding your resources online has been such a bonus for me.
I am having great fun with Macbeth at the moment, and will teach a novel from what I purchased next term 🙂

Thank you for your updates and ‘free’ resources – you are an amazing woman!”

Gaye Rush
English/HSIE teacher
Tottenham Central School

I have hundreds of other emails from happy teachers I could share with you, but there just isn’t space or time for that here. But let me know if you want to see more testimonials and I will gladly email some to you.

And remember, you can get a full refund for any reason within 60 days, so there really is no reason not to give my The Book Thief Unit Plan a try.

Unit Plan for The Book Thief

Right now, you can enjoy instant access to the entire Unit Plan for The Book Thief and take a full month vacation from prep work for just $29.99

Buy Before Midnight, and pay Only $7


Order today and you will also get instant access to FOUR FREE BONUSES worth more than $100!


Take the Stress Out of Teaching

When I first began teaching, I insisted on doing everything myself. I wanted to show my colleagues in the English department that I could come up with exceptional lesson plans all on my own. And often I did, but it meant staying up until 1 or 2am every night researching and planning.

I’m sure you’ve experienced what I’m talking about. When one of my colleagues, a very talented teacher with decades of experience, realized what I was doing, he pulled me aside to have a word. He asked me, “How much time do you spend planning a lesson?”

I thought about it for a moment and answered that it usually took me about an hour, sometimes more, to plan a good lesson.

He then asked me, “How long are these lessons?” He knew the answer, but he was making a point. At our school, periods lasted 80 minutes. We used 15 minutes of every class for silent reading, and 5 minutes were spent getting settled in at the beginning of class and getting prepared to leave at the end. As I crunched these numbers it struck me…

I was spending as much time planning as I was teaching!

Each day I was delivering approximately four hours of instruction, and each night I was spending approximately four hours planning. And then there was the marking on top of that.

My esteemed colleague helped me see the imbalance in my practice. It was insane to go on spending as much time planning as teaching. Quite honestly, teachers don’t get paid enough to put in double days. I knew that if I kept going the way I was, I would soon burn out.

Don’t Burn Yourself Out

So what to do? How could I solve this problem? I didn’t want to just show up for work unprepared and have to frantically wing it. And I didn’t want to give boring or pointless lessons.

I wanted to give my students the best scholastic experience I could without over-extending myself.

The answer was that I had to realize there was no need for me to constantly reinvent the wheel. Thousands of teachers had taught the same texts I was working with. Why not benefit from their experience? Why not take the very best of their stuff, tweak it to fit my style and personality, and make my own units that I could then reuse year after year.

I had to make an initial investment – good teaching resources aren’t often free – but the potential ROI (return on investment) was tremendous. I would use this stuff for the rest of my career, so a few bucks at the beginning was definitely worth it.

Get Incredible Return on Investment

So I spent some time and money and put together incredible unit plans using resources and ideas from some of the best educators in the world. I put each unit plan in its own binder, put each binder in my classroom cupboard, and PRESTO!!!! my stress level decreased dramatically.

No more staying up all night trying to devise a new, creative, effective lesson. I had everything already prepared and organized. All I had to do was go to school and enjoy teaching.

Now I want to help other teachers who might find themselves in a position similar to the one I found myself in early on in my career.

You can make a tiny investment, and instantly take the stress out of your lesson planning. The best part is you only have to make the investment once, and it keeps paying dividends for the rest of your career.

Unit Plan for The Book Thief

Right now, you can enjoy instant access to the entire Unit Plan for The Book Thief and take a full month vacation from prep work for just $29.99

Buy Before Midnight, and pay Only $7


Order today and you will also get instant access to FOUR FREE BONUSES worth more than $100!


  • A Full Month of Prep Work Done Instantly – This unit plan includes everything you need to teach The Book Thief and takes just seconds to download.
  • More Free Time – With all of the prep work done you can use your free time to relax with friends and family, or with a good book and a glass of wine.
  • Students Learning and Having Fun – These activities are guaranteed to keep your kids active and engaged and on task.
  • Curriculum Aligned with Core Standards – Every element is based on Common Core State Standards so you know what the objectives are.
  • Resources You Can Use Year After Year – You will use these lessons and activities for the rest of your career, saving countless hours of prep time.

If you have any questions or any feedback you would like to share, please do not hesitate to contact me via email: susananderson@englishunitplans.com

I would be happy to help in any way I can.

Thank you for your interest in my Unit Plan for The Book Thief. I know it will save you lots of time and make teaching this new novel fun for you and your students.



Susan Anderson

P.S. Remember that when you order today, you will receive THREE FREE BONUSES worth more than $75. This is a limited-time offer, so act now.

P.P.S. And remember that you can get a full refund for any reason at any time within 60 days of downloading the Unit Plan for The Book Thief, so there is no risk and no reason not to try it.