Unit Plan Questions

If you need help with an English Unit Plans™ product, you're in the right place

  • Q.What is included in each unit plan?

    A.Each unit plan is unique, but all unit plans include everything you need to teach an entire text: unit calendar, lesson plans, chapter questions, vocabulary, tests, etc.

    All printables, worksheets, instructions, templates, etc. are provided, so there is virtually no prep work required.

    Each unit plan also includes a Common Core Standards alignment grid, so you know and can show what elements of the curriculum are covered.

  • Q.Which Core Standards are covered?

    A.The Common Core State Standards covered varies a little with each unit plan.

    Each unit plan comes with a Common Core State Standards alignment grid, so you can easily check what is covered.

  • Q.How long is each unit plan?

    A.Unit plan length varies depending on the activities included.  Some of our unit plans have more than 100 pages of material, while others have fewer.  All of our unit plans include everything you need to teach an entire text.

  • Q.What are the usage and/or licensing restrictions?

    A.English Unit Plans™ Members are entitled to unlimited personal and professional use of all resources included in the Members Only Area.  All material provided by English Unit Plans™ is protected by copyright, must not be shared, reproduced, or posted for the use of anyone but the Member and his/her students.