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  • Save Hours of Prep Time - Our unit plans include everything you need, so you can take a vacation from prep work.
  • Engage Your Students - Our unit plans are designed to engage, entertain, and inform your students. You'll love it!
  • Have More Fun Teaching - With all of your prep work out of the way, you can focus on interacting with and helping your students.

About English Unit Plans™

My name is Susan Anderson, and I have been an English teacher more than 10 years.

I began developing and sharing my Unit Plans a few years ago when I recognized that many busy teachers might benefit from complete curriculum packages that make teaching a new novel easy, fun, and effective.

I started with a single unit: Romeo and Juliet (which is still probably my favorite unit to teach).

When I started receiving positive feedback from teachers around the US, I knew that I had something worthwhile to offer, so I started using what little free time I could carve out of my life to create new unit plans and teaching resources.

I now have more than 50 units, and I am always trying to improve existing resources and add new ones.

Teaching is a demanding job.  It often requires teachers to spend countless hours of unpaid evening and weekend time planning units and prepping lessons.

My Unit Plans are intended to save teachers from hours of prep time by providing everything needed to teach an entire unit: lessons, activities, questions, vocabulary, quizzes, and tests.

With all of the basic prep work done, teachers can focus on the other essential aspects of being a good teacher: building rapport with students, providing one-on-one help and support to students, assessing student progress, etc.

I hope that you find English Unit Plans helpful.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me:

Thank you.


Susan Anderson
English Unit Plans™